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Targeted Websites

Targeted Websites

Designs With Your Customers' In Mind. Website's aren't Art Shows and for most businesses your customers don't care if you are using the latest and greatest tech.... they want what they are used to. Don't worry, we'll help you figure that out and give your visitors exactly what they need to become your customers.

Complete Website Management

Complete Management

We offer a variety of levels of service, but many clients opt for at least 6 months to a year of complete management. We become your Internet department' for a monthly fee. If your business has someone on staff that has the skill-set to 'take the keys' and make it successful, we will train and work with them throughout the entire process so they are prepared out-the-gate to successfully run the day-to-day.

Complete 3D Design Services

Digital World | Real World

We are primarily a web development firm, but over the years we've found that many companies need more then that. So we've offered logo design, print-design, trade-show set-up and POS design services. Even Sales Training.
What we've found is that what makes things great is not only the things on the screen, but the things your customers

expect in and from the real world. So we are now offering complete 3D Scanning and Printing services! Imagine your product scanned and placed on your website for a complete 3D viewing by your visitors. Or imagine customized 3D Prints of ideas or concepts that would be too expensive to turn into a real, tangible object using the traditional means.
The Possibilities For This Technology is Endless.
Just Give It Some Thought. We Have, and it's indescribable.


Launching a NEW WEBSITE and need to spread the word?

Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is more then an after-thought, it's something we integrate into our designs from the very beginning. This saves time and money in the long run and can be built upon as time progresses. This is never something you want to only start to think about AFTER a site is complete. That's like building a car and having the safety features added once it gets to the lots.

Or maybe there's this Unbelievable New Product that you've come up with on paper.

We can take your sketch or written description and turn it into a digital 3D model, which we can then use to create a 3D Print! Same day 3D Printing Services available!

Ready to Step Up Your Web Site?

We will walk you through the process of analyzing your current Internet efforts and what it would take to make your website responsive. If you have a lot invested in a wonderful looking and content rich website, we're not going to immediately dismiss all of that time and money and say you need a new site from the ground-up. A lot of sites can easily be converted to a responsive design with minimal effort and investment. Or, if your site is simply out-of-date and in need of a complete overhaul, we'll walk you through the steps needed to do just that. We're not in the business of dismissing good-work just because it's not our-work; we're here to use what resources you have at your disposal and find a way to work it into our upgrades and changes and ultimately save you money.

Before we get started we need to have a discussion and make a plan that everyone is comfortable with.


Still have questions?.

Not sure where your website stands? Whether you've already started migrating to Responsive Web Design or are still using the "Dual-Site" method (or older) is something you're unsure about? Contact Us and get a Free Consultation! 813-644-9612 or email us today!

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{ Initial Consultation }


  • Phone Conversation
  • Face-To-Face meeting (when available)
  • Skype or Video Call
  • Cost Analysis
  • Needs Analysis
  • Competitors Comparison

{ Website Packages }


  • Basic Responsive Design
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Complete Training
  • Email & Hosting Setup
  • and more!

{ 3D Scanning Services }

100 / hr

  • We Come To You
  • From a Coffee Cup To a Car
  • Priced by the Hour, not by the scan
  • Files provided in every major format
  • Discounts on Printing For Scan Customers
  • And More!